About #Handmade

Welcome to Hashtag Handmade, the home of unique, personalised gifts and keepsakes.

My name is Michelle and I am the owner and creator of Hashtag Handmade. I live with my partner and two beautiful children in a fairly quiet town about a 15 minute drive from Birmingham City Centre.

I spent the first few years of my working life in children’s day care settings, studying child development and education. Then in 2007 I was offered the incredible opportunity to work exclusively with children with life-limiting/life-threatening medical conditions and terminal illnesses. It was a job that literally changed my life. The indescribable courage of these beautiful children and their families put everything in to perspective for me. They made me smile more, laugh harder, share in both their joys and their heartache but most importantly they made me realise how important it is make the most of the time we’re given.

I cared for these children for almost a decade before leaving my role to spend more time at home with my own little boy. Being at home gave me a little more time to do the things I loved, enjoying precious family time and finally putting to use all those craft supplies i’d been hoarding.

hashtaghandmadelogoHashtag Handmade was created a little by accident. I have always been an avid crafter and pinterest addict, spending many hours making, creating and basically covering everything in glitter! After leaving the NHS I was able to spend more time on all those projects i’d been itching to start but never seemed to have time for. I posted a few pictures of my creations on my Facebook page and soon had family and friends asking if I could create something for them too. Not long after that I started getting more requests from friends of friends and then friends of friends of friends (you get the idea) and what started out as a little hobby soon became pretty time consuming, so rather than turn people away I decided to make an actual business out of it. That way I got to make loads of unique, personalised gifts, which I love! but could also begin to contribute to our family income again without being away from home and my son. It really is the best of both worlds.

I LOVE spending my days crafting and creating amazing things for people and truly appreciate every single one of my wonderful customers that make all of this possible. Thank you!!

I really hope you love my products as much as I love making them and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for just send me a quick message and we can discuss your ideas. I will always try my best to create the perfect gift for you.

Once again thank you for your ongoing custom and for helping to support my dream <3